Mayunga Books (MB) is an independent publisher based in London, UK. Sten Mayunga started MB in 2018 initially as a publishing outlet for his books but later developed into an underground publisher for novice writers provided the opportunity to get their work published.

We believe that authors should be able to express their creativity freely and no matter their writing ability or background. We provide guided help for prospect authors looking to publish their first book by guiding their publishing journey step by step. We believe that the Story is King and therefore take chances on novice writers regardless of their background or ability.

If you want raw and authentic stories from real people then Mayunga Books is the publisher for you.


History, Heritage & Culture

The DR Congo Education Foundation (DRCEF) started from the collective belief that there was a more inclusive way to transform the lives of Congolese people around the world. 

To improve the true knowledge of Congo and improve patriotism for the country amongst it's people is the motivation behind this foundation.

The strong relationship and friendships we develop with our partners, and the ongoing dialogue that we have with them, makes our work responsive, impactful and far-reaching. Time and again, these strong, relationships and community roots have allowed us to multiply our impact as a small organisation.

Through engaging the Congolese diasporas in the UK, we are building international communities to invest in DR Congo.

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Suave and Beautiful Weddings

S&B is a wedding brand that specialises in Black couple weddings in the UK. We offer a wide range of services to assist Brides & Grooms in managing their memorable celebrations with quality and professional services that aims to exceed expectations.

"We pride ourselves in being a team dedicated to excellence through performance, attention to detail and prime customer service." 


We strongly believe in excellence and that we should never compromise on our standard no matter the situation which is why we are selective with the work we take on.


Think beyond the limits

A independent film production company based in the UK that focuses on increasing diversity in the film industry. Think Limitless Pictures (TLP) specialises in the development, financing, production and sales of independent feature films. 

Over the past few years, TLP has built a reputation within the urban film industry for creating and distributing innovative and original urban content. Working with prospect talents from the UK combined with a deep understanding of the marketplace, TLP has the ability to create and add value to the content it produces and distributes.

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Talent Management based in the UK

Variety Management officially established in 2017, specialises in talent management and brand development. We pride ourselves in the development and redirecting of new and existing talents to achieve their best career success by nurturing and surrounding them with the best possible team.

The management directional career planning is bespoke and aims to achieve sustainability in the industry of the talent that is managed while the brand development take an innovative approach to build the personal brand of the talent.


Digital Marketing Consultancy - Brand Equity

A digital marketing consultancy based in the UK, specialising in building brand equity and online presence. We believe in authentic and transparent digital marketing strategies that help develop brand identity. By delivering tailor-made services, we are able to fully integrate the digital mediums to suit your business directly.

We believe in the long game, this is why we have built a team of current digital professionals that look at the end game and is able to build backward to provide clear guidance to achieve the goal that has been set.

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Producing great prospects for the future

A grassroots football academy teaching young players the fundamentals of the game. Prospect Football Academy (PFAcademy) established in 2014 and consists of 3 main programs - Recreational, Developmental and Advance teams for players aged U9-U18. Players are placed in an environment that offers them the best opportunity to reach their football potentials.

The recreational program spans across all age groups and is for player to enjoy the game while developing the key skills to advance their ability to the next level. The developmental program offers both developmental (U9-U12) and travel (U12-U16). The Advanced program (U12-U18) places players in a competitive training and playing environment that challenges them to reach the highest levels of play. 


Video games developer & publisher

PlayMay is a small independent video game developer and publisher based in the UK. The idea behind PlayMay is to develop games that are requested by it's fans and community. 

We focus mainly on RPG, Sports and strategical games that are multi versed and continue to expand the idea of how we see games today.

PlayMay has a niche and underground presence, developing localised games. 

PlayMay Games Logo
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New look Sports Debate Show

SPORTSATIVE is a UK sports debate show that airs on a daily basis. Providing unfiltered and passionate opinionated views on the hottest sports topics of the week.


Your Network for everything Urban

UCN is an urban network platform that engages in the social conversations of the UK across a diverse multitude of topics from music, film, sports, politics and more.

We provide a unique platform for young people to express themselves in important social topics via the means of education and entertainment. The network is produced in the UK and cater towards the urban societies.

The network is published online on the UCN platforms to make it accessible.


Events Management Team

The team behind Lucrative Lyrics, Lucrative Punchlines, Black History Comedy Night and more. 

Team Lucrative started back in 2012 amongst friends and over the years has developed into a larger team.

We provide organised events management for clients events and projects. The team have worked in the entertainment industry in concerts, night shows, clubs and more.


Saving Souls one Kick at the time.

We are a football club made from the desire to bring brothers together in the fellowship of brotherhood, football and Christ. We are dedicated to promoting a place where men come together to fellowship with one another to help tackle mental health within men as well as spreading the good news. Games are recorded and released on YouTube where we face other YouTube teams, as well as staff from professional clubs and other grassroots clubs. 

Saving Souls FC is much more than the typical grassroots football club, we are a brotherhood where men come together to share in each others company. We believe that Christian and non Christians can come together to build a bond, providing a space to support a much needed dialogue while enjoying the game of football.

Peter Pierre

Men's Solution for Suave Accessories & Clothing

Born from the desire to dress men in suave everyday attire and accessories. Pierre Peter is a brand of strength and sophistication

We do not mass produce our products as we aim to target a very selective few of Men deserving the PP stamp of approval.

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